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Yes We Can Love One Another!  Catholics and Protestants Can Share A Common Faith


Yes We Can Love One Another - The Angel Report


“I had no idea we had so much in common”–a Catholic reader.  This book helps the Church answer Jesus’ prayer to love one another, enabling Christians to break down misconceptions and barriers between Catholics and Protestants. Shows all Christians how we can be a Church of joy in the Lord, marked by love for Jesus Christ, spirituality, faith, and the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit.

Review:  “Pope John Paul II recently issued a call for Christian unity through pulpit proclamations and an encyclical letter. One response is that of Congregational minister Rev. Warren Angel. He believes that a major problem in relationships among Catholics and Protestants is the extreme, polarizing views of fundamentalism and liberalism. The solution is not difficult provided that Christians are willing to put aside prejudice and misconceptions and fully embrace Christ’s love and faith.  “Yes We Can Love One Another!”shows individuals how to do this.”

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God’s Love in the End Times



Discusses false ideas about God’s love, especially among Christians, and clarifies biblical concepts, notably that God will never stop loving anyone, that God’s sovereignty is subject to his love, and that no believer will be left behind at Christ’s return. Enables every believer to say, no matter what their situation in life, “I know God loves me!”

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