Patricia’s Miracle Story

I’ve experienced many miracles in my years of ministry. After all, our great God is still a miracle-working God. In my last published book, The Power of Christ in YOUR Life, I  encouraged every Christian to believe that they have the power of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. And to pray often, especially for others in need, and expect to receive miracles from the hand and love of God.

This isn’t to say that God answers all our prayers. He knows what’s best for our lives as servants of Christ more than we do. Yet, in addition to praying for others and seeing miracles in their lives (some of which I wrote about in the above book), my wife, Patricia, and I always pray for each other and quite often experience miracles of healing, finance, and other “small” miracles as well.

But neither of us were prepared for the event and the subsequent miracle that happened to Patricia the last week of March 2024!

As I was sitting at our computer (PC) in the back room I could hear Pat taking dishes out of the dishwasher and putting them away on the other side of the house. Suddenly I heard a noise. And then she called.

“Warren! Come quick!”

I wasn’t sure what she wanted. Sometimes she calls me when we get a wildlife visitor in our backyard. We live near a creek and often see rabbits, ground squirrels, opossums, raccoons and lots of birds. Sometimes the odd visitor happens by like a hawk or an owl or a hooded oriole—and painted lady butterflies.

But I quickly realized it wasn’t wildlife she wanted me to see when she called me again—this time louder. “Warren! Please come quick! Hurry!”

I rushed to the kitchen and was shocked to see her standing in front of the dish cabinet in pools of blood. There was a lot of blood on the floor and blood was spurting from her leg roughly three inches above her ankle.

Not trickling, but flowing.

She was trying to stop the flow of blood with a paper towel. I informed her that this was an imperative. I hurried to the bathroom and got out a product called Bleed Stop, a powder which is designed to stop bleeding. We had used it before and it does work wonderfully. I poured it on Pat’s wound and the bleeding stopped.

However, Bleed Stop does not stop an intense flow of blood, and after a minute the flow of blood from Pat’s leg broke through the powder and started up again. I knew I needed to put a tourniquet around it and, for lack of anything else handy, got a towel. Pat held it tight and it worked as a temporary solution.

I laid my hands on Pat and we prayed that God would stop the bleeding and heal the wound.

We knew she would need stitches as I did one time when I cut my leg with a box cutter. But Pat didn’t think she could go anywhere, even to driving to the ER, without calling 9-1-1. She knew some doctors made house calls, so I checked the Internet to find one. Some service! No one was available to take my call.

I called my own doctor but the nurse refused any help or even a referral since Pat was not a patient. As amazing as it may seem Pat didn’t have a preferred doctor. She hadn’t had need of a doctor in years, and that was for an infected finger for which she had gone to Scripps Urgent Care.

It seemed that there was no one to help us except our great God. We prayed again as Pat held the tourniquet on her leg.

Pat told me what had happened while I mopped up about a half-pint of blood—maybe more—from the kitchen tile floor. She was putting dishes away and temporarily put a saucer where it didn’t belong. It was a piece of restaurant ware and very heavy, made by Shenango Pottery in her hometown of New Castle, Pennsylvania.

The saucer suddenly fell out of the cabinet and smashed on the tile. Evidently a small, pointed shard flew upward and made a quarter-inch hole in her leg. She didn’t feel any pain (and never did!), but the blood flow was immediate—and heavy.

About an hour after we applied the tourniquet and I had mopped the floor as good as I could, we decided to take the tourniquet off and check the wound and flow of blood to see what else we needed to do. It was apparent no one was coming to our aid. Neither of us wanted to call 9-1-1.

And we saw a miracle! No more bleeding! None at all! The only mark on Patricia’s leg was a small light red spot, a circle of about one-quarter inch.

God had not only stopped the bleeding completely but had also cleaned up the wound.

Needless to say we were thrilled and praised our great God. I’d seen many healings before, some even more dramatic than Patricia’s miracle. But when it happens to you or a family member there is an unexpected greatness about it that leaves you rejoicing.

Our God is still a miracle-working God.

Pat wants me to tell you that the miracle didn’t stop there. She’s a clean freak. She likes to keep a real clean house. And so Saturday morning, with her leg not bothering her at all, she mopped the kitchen floor. She wanted to clean up any residue blood from an incident she will never forget.

But she couldn’t find any more blood! Not even a speck!

I had put two half-scoops of OxiClean in a bucket of water and mopped the floor the day of the accident. Blood had run into the grout on the tile floor, and if you have tile you know how hard it is to clean grout. I tried to clean it the best I could.

But when Pat mopped the floor three days later the tile and grout were both as clean as if they had just been laid by an expert tile person. I know OxiClean is good. Pat uses it all the time to clean things. But it can’t be that good!

We give the glory to God, for this is a great miracle story that Pat, especially, needed at the time and will never forget.

Jesus told the desperate father who begged Jesus to have compassion on his son and heal him, “All things are possible for one who believes” (Mark 9:23).

So whenever you need a miracle, keep praying. And keep believing. Our God is still a miracle-working God.

The End