Politicians: America’s Fetus Killers

Saving the Innocents, Politicians Fetus KillersFetus killings are America’s shame. Long ago slavery was America’s shame. Slavery destroyed lives by treating human beings as chattel, property bought and sold, abused, even killed for the slightest infraction. Never did slaves have an opportunity under oppressive owners to be all that God intended them to be.

Today, fetus killings do the same thing—deny a human life the opportunity to be all that God intended. Unlike America’s slaves, a fetus has no means of making the most of its short life, or escaping, or even protesting its brutal slaughter.

Yet the dripping blood of even one dying fetus cries out to the God who loves it for its unwilling loss of life!

It is estimated (no abortion statistics are exact for a number of reasons) that 56 million babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade became law in 1973.

Killed without a chance to declare, “I want to live!”

Killed without any defense as life is drained from its tiny body.

The Guttmacher Institute reports that most fetuses are killed at less than 13 weeks in the womb. Around 10% of abortions occur in the second trimester, and some, though illegal, after 26 weeks.

It is believed that a little over 1 million abortions are now being done annually, down from a high of 1.6 million in 1990.

Thanks to state and federal legislation, a number of abortion clinics have been closed over the past few years. And more women are simply not having abortions for a variety of reasons. A follow-up on women who were denied abortions—usually because they were too late—reveals that 95% were happy they kept their babies.

Still, 1 million is an incredible amount of killings done against those who cannot even protest. A fetus has no rights in America. And of the million plus number killed in 2014, 327,653 were reported by Planned Parenthood alone. This organization and their affiliates are far and away the worst killers of fetuses in America.

Yet the killing does not begin with Planned Parenthood, other abortion clinics, nor any hospital which does abortions.

The killing begins at the top of America’s political structure.

It started with the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, which never considered the rights of a fetus, preferring to believe in the fallacy of viability, i.e., that the fetus is not a real human being until it is capable of living outside the uterus (usually around 23 weeks). That’s why the ruling stipulated that states could pass laws restricting or banning partial-birth, or late term abortions.

Although the Supreme Court opened the door to America’s horrific slaughter of millions of tiny fetuses, the killing continues only because some politicians insist that women must have the right to kill their babies.

President Obama becomes unhinged at the mere mention of any restrictions on abortions. Although—he says—he would prefer no woman would have an abortion, he recently reaffirmed his commitment to protecting the “core constitutional right of abortion” for any woman. (Actually, there is no such thing, not even under the “right of privacy.”) Obama would even allow late term abortions, but he can’t negate the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003, which was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2007.

One might think that Obama would be opposed to abortions given the shocking statistic that 37% of fetuses killed are black babies, even though blacks make up only 12-13% of America’s population.

The answer to that puzzle is not difficult. Even though Obama claims to be a Christian, he has no compassion. ISIS slaughter of men, women, and even children—savage butchery especially of Christians and Yazidis, but even Muslims they don’t like—causes little concern to Obama. Mass shootings in America bring only a call for more gun control. But any mention of pro-life legislation evokes only ridicule from Obama.

Where’s Obama’s compassion?

Jesus Christ had compassion because his heart was filled with love for all human beings, especially children. The Gospel of Matthew tells us, “Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages . . . curing every disease and every infirmity. . . he had compassion for them . . .” (9:35-36).

Christians have compassion because Jesus Christ lives in their hearts. President Obama has no compassion, not even, apparently, for the hundreds of thousands of black fetuses killed each year.

Hillary Clinton has also demanded the right of unrestricted abortions–even up to the moment of birth!–in her 2016 presidential campaign.The slaughter of fetuses means nothing to her with her liberal supporters screaming at her.

Obama I understand, and Hillary Clinton I understand, but Vice President Joe Biden is another matter. He often has trouble getting his facts right, keeping his stories straight, and remembering who he is. He once said that if anyone accused him of not being a Catholic, he would hit them with his rosary beads. Yet he—in reality—is only opposed to partial-birth abortions and federal funding for abortions.

Biden says he personally believes abortion is always wrong. But he would never impose his beliefs on anyone else.


Does this mean that even though he is personally opposed to murder and robbery and rape he would never demand that anyone else consider them crimes?

Say it isn’t so, Joe!

The Vice President must have a million splinters in his derriere from straddling the fence for so long. And his rosary beads will not help him against the God who created life—the God whose heart aches every time another fetus is killed, aided and abetted by America’s leftist politicians who hide behind the false issues of “reproductive rights” and “women’s health.” (Note: Indirect abortion should not be opposed to save a mother’s life—a rare occurrence.)

Some reading this article might be thinking that even though it’s well-intended, it’s misguided because the fetus is not human—a mere blob of tissue.

Wrong! Scientifically wrong! Practically wrong! And theologically wrong!

How is it that a fetus has a beating heart only 18 days after conception if it’s not human? After 2 months it is recognizable as a human being. All organs are present at 8-10 weeks. A fetus hears, is alert, and reacts to sound outside the womb. (For more on this subject, read Is the Fetus Human? by Eric Pastuszek, published by Tan Books and Publishers in 1993.)

Doctors know that the fetus is human. So do abortionists. So does Planned Parenthood, whose officers and doctors were caught on tape dickering with people posing as buyers for “body parts,” especially livers and hearts—but anything not badly damaged during the abortion procedure.

The videos are shocking—even “terrifying and damning” as Judge Andrew P. Napolitano says in his article “Planned Parenthood Videos and the Killing of Innocents” for FOX News. He was horrified when he watched, as was I. Planned Parenthood officers not only callously discuss baby parts, but we are taken inside a PP lab where technicians are sorting through bloody fetal remains to see what can be salvaged for those who do scientific research.

These videos—not cut and edited as PP claims—may sicken you.   They may make you cry. But go to the Center for Medical Progress web site and watch them all. They will remove any doubt that fetuses are less than human life even from conception.

Theologically, while the Bible does not address abortion directly (it was not a known or general practice in Bible times), a fetus is understood as a human life. God tells Jeremiah the prophet, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you” (Jeremiah 1:5). In Luke 1:41, Elizabeth’s baby (John the Baptist) “leaped” in her womb upon hearing a greeting from her cousin Mary (Jesus’ mother).

In the sixth commandment, God said, “You shall not kill,” meaning murder, since self defense is neither a sin nor a crime. The killing of an innocent life in the womb is killing—murder.

Stop the fetus killing, America!

The Judge of all human beings is waiting with an aching heart. He will not let willful and savage butchery go unpunished. But he is a forgiving God, full of love and grace for righteous people who care for others—especially tiny, newly-formed human life in a mother’s womb.


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