When Life Gets You Down, Trust Our Faithful God

                            When Life Gets You Down, Trust Our Faithful God                Carol rushed into my office, her face red and angry, screaming a loud accusation at me before I even had time to utter a prayer. “You said my mother would get better, but she’s gotten worse! If she doesn’t have heart surgery she’s […]

God’s Help Is on the Way

  God’s Help Is on the Way                                                                                                 It had been raining lightly for twenty minutes as my wife and I were on our way to church for a mid-week ministry. The traffic light changed to red as we neared an intersection.                            But when I applied the brakes the car did not stop […]

You Are God’s Beloved!

You Are God’s Beloved             Did you know that you are God’s beloved? Many Christians do not. Most Christians will talk about God’s love for them even though they sometimes have a difficult time believing he really loves them. Especially when trials and disappointments come their way. Still, most Christians will freely talk about the […]

Having the Faith of Jesus

I believe in the God of miracles. This is the God of heaven and earth who asked Sarah long ago, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Gen 18:14). Sarah had laughed when she heard God tell Abraham that his very old wife would have a baby in the spring. We would laugh too. Such […]

Saving the Innocents

In my first blog (“Politicians: America’s Fetus Killers,” posted November 2015) I pointed out that the real killers of innocent babies in the womb are our politicians. From the Supreme Court (1973) on down they have sanctioned the killing of fetuses with no consideration for the life of an innocent baby nor caring how God, […]

The Great Pre-Tribulation Rapture Hoax

In February 2015 the radical Islamic group ISIS showed us photos of 21 Christians, all but one Egyptian, whom they had taken prisoner in Libya. They were about to suffer beheading, lined up on a beach somewhere in the Middle East, even though they were innocent pawns. ISIS played a video for the world as […]